What are the disadvantages and benefits of masturbation?

Mohammed Sawaf Asked: What are the disadvantages and benefits of masturbation?

so i want to start body building & i heard that masturbating is not good! & it will slows my muscle growth. is that right ?
i seriously masturbate a lot! maybe more than 200 time in the past 2 years (2010 & 2011) O.O( i feel lazy and i have this bad feeling after i do it lol! cuz a lot of people told me that it's not good if u do it a lot & i wont be able to satisfy my wife's desires in the future & My penis will not erect ) that's very bad i guess

& How Many Times Normally a Man can Masturbate?
Please Help Me & Tell Me What are the disadvantages and benefits of masturbation?

how can i stop masturbating cuz i only feel good for a few minutes then i get this shitty feeling. maybe because im afraid that i will ruin my body of i did it a lot!
Thanks a lot!


Matt Answered:
your probably ugly and fat so you should jack off and you will never get any head. over 100 times a year. dude put down the porn and lotion.. get in shape and get a ******* girl

Kim Answered:
Masturbation is totally normal, and 200 times a year sounds normal for a guy. It has no effect whatsoever on your ability to build muscle. Don't feel guilty. Geez, you sound like a Catholic. Why do all religions condemn masturbation? Who gives a damn? Anyway, don't worry about what the other guy said. The more you do it, the better you will be at controlling the amount of time you will last when you're with a girl.

hemant Answered:
Masturbation is healthy only till it does not affect your daily routine.it doesnot lead to sexually transmitted disease.many males do it. doing so much,i donot know whether it is good or not.if you have wife or girlfriend ****her.

pankaj Naik Answered:
Is masturbation harmful?

This question may not be important to every one esp if you have not started masturbation or you do not do it frequently. However if you are very excited about sex (and masturbation), you should bear in mind that masturbation is harmful. This question is quite controversial because many people including doctors say it is not harmful at all and as a matter of fact they say it is very healthy. But there are a lot of other people like 'hakims' and common people who say it is harmful. Knowing the point of views of both the people and being a person who has been affected by it, i can tell you that masturbation is harmful. However i do not want you to get scared of it. The harmful effects of masturbation are slow and spans on a long duration of time. Say if you are masturbating 2 times a day every day for two years, you will get yourself in trouble. Only then will you know that you got some problem because of masturbation. I have mentioned in detail the problems of over masturbation (or too much masturbation) in the left column of the page. Bear in mind that I DO NOT support hakims. If you have already got problems with masturbation, You should consult any doctor.
The harmful effects of masturbation include discharge of semen when u think about girl, reduction in penis size, tapering of penis in the base, reduced erection size, reduced amount of orgasm and the worst of all premature ejaculation. All of these problems are a big problems by themselves but thinking that they all are caused because of too much masturbation, i will say that masturbation is harmful.
Now there is a question, i masturbate for a long period of time and am continuing it without any worried and one day i found out that i have all these problems ( that i leek when i think about girls and my penis has shrinked in the base and i ejaculate too early and can not control my self). In my case I was totally ignorant of the effects of masturbation, I found out when a friend of mine told me about this which scared me to death. He gave me a pamphlet which said that ever masturbation will cause these problem and you will not be able to satisfy your wife and hence it will cause your marriage to break. At this i was scared to hill because i used to masturbate. When i went home and i thought about girl and thought about checking myself ( even though i was scared because i did have that problem what would i do?). I check the tip of my penis scarily and i noticed that i was leaking. Then when i had looked at my penis, it had also shrunk in the base. Eventually everything that was their in the pamphlet came out true for me. So in my case it was ignorance and lake of sex education. Secondly since i never had any sexual activity with any one i did not know much about it. Hence i would the big culprit in this case is ignorance. You are doing something and you do not know its effect because either you just enjoy it and no one else informs you about that. No one ever told me a single word about sex because our society ( Pakistan ) is not that much open. Parent never talk to their children about sex and they are very easy victims of this kind of problems. So you better talk to your parents or try yourself to get some knowledge about it.
Now the harmful effects of masturbation are not just restricted to those physical problems that i have discussed. It also effects memory. It will also effect your social behavior because you would tend to be isolated and lonely. Eventually if you fall into all this problems there will be a new kind of world for you, which will not be a reality. Your world will be full of frustration. All you will think about is that you are not enough for a girl and you will never be married. I have been through all this and I do not want anyone to go in that direction. It is better to educate yourself about it.
Lastly if you masturbate do not think that you will get weak and lean ( slim). Infect you will look perfectly alright. You could get lean and weak if you have some other personnel problems that you are worried about. But bear in mind that masturbation alone will not make you lean and weak. And since you are in puberty which is the period you are full with energy, you will never notice these things. The best you can do is try to stop masturbation. This will be extremely good for you older life and for your sex life after marriage.
This question my not be important to every you if you have just attended puberty. But this is important in a sense that if you are aware of the facts you will be more caution in your future. Yes masturbation can be harmful to your health. Now when i say health, i am not discussing your health from the point of view that you will become meager and slim so that every one will guess you have masturbation. Infect you will appear pretty much ok. However internally you will ge getting weak. It also has diverse effect your memory.

Vishal Answered:
it doesn't matter lol…..masturbate just release your mind tension and relaxes you that's all. Just don't do more than one time in a day! and yes…. it even strengthen your mind and muscles by refreshing you………….. IT IS A PROVED FACT

James Answered:
You are being told a lot of lies by ignorant people who have no understanding of normal human sexuality.Masturbation does not interfere with muscular development, ability to get an erection, ability to satisfy a woman, or cause fatigue, laziness, hair on your palms, blindness or any of the other stupid fairy tales you have been told.

Masturbation is a normal natural human activity that most young people do often because they can and it feels good.It has the following good effects:
* It feels good.
* It helps you learn about your body's reactions in sex, and to control your sexual responses if you pay attention to your feelings while you do it.
* It's good exercise for your heart and lungs.
* Doing it regularly keeps your sexual parts exercised and working the way they're supposed to, increasing the chances that you will have good results when you start having sex with someone else.If you try to live like a sexless monk until you're with someone, you body will act like a sexless monk's when you finally call on it to perform.
* It helps cut down on those messy wet dreams that mess up your pajamas and sheets.
* Some recent studies seem to indicate that ejaculating regularly through masturbation when you're young helps you avoid problems with your prostate gland when you're older.
* It can help you adjust your mood, and calm down distracting sexual thoughts for a while.

The "lazy" feeling you feel after masturbating is part of your body's natural reaction to having an orgasm.After you ejaculate, the good feelings of orgasm continue for a while of feeling happy, satisfied and sometimes a little drowsy.This is part of the reward your body gives you for doing sex, to make sure you'll do it a lot.Young adults are supposed to do sex a lot, it's the natural pattern of human behavior.Most young men can easily masturbate and ejaculate about once a day.Some guys like to do it more often, some less, everybody'sdifferent.

The "shitty" feeling you have afterward is called guilt.It's something you have learned to feel because you were raised to believe masturbation is bad.You can choose not to feel that way about it if you want.You can also make the good feelings last longer by taking your time and making it last (also good practice for when you have sex with someone else.)

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