Superior Dumbbell Workout Review

Reviewer: James Zordan
Website Reviewed: The Superior Dumbbell Workout Website

Superior Dumbbell Workout Website

All of us want to have a good body but most of us share the same sentiments when it comes to not having enough knowledge about the proper ways to achieve that.

There may be a lot of techniques and tips that you can read elsewhere but they aren’t good enough to give you effective workout routines and diet regimen that you could adhere to and worst, it could make you weaker.


If you are serious about getting a toned body, then you should not only depend on proper diet. You should keep in mind that proper diet and a good set of workout routines go hand in hand in making things possible.

When it comes to bodybuilding workouts, the most common type is dumbbell and it plays an important role in bodybuilding. It is more effective than any other bodybuilding exercises. It focuses on toning up your entire body easily.

However, there are some people who complain of not having the desired outcome even if they have been doing the dumbbell workout for about a year.

But let me tell you this. If you are one of those people who fail to get the desired result from doing dumbbell workouts, then this shouldn’t hinder you from continuing with your goals. Nowadays, an effective guide for dumbbell exercise is made available worldwide and it is the Superior Dumbbell Workout.


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The Superior Dumbbell Workout is a programmed designed by Coach Eddie Lomax which focuses on Dumbbell as its primary training tool. It is considered as one of the best dumbbell training guide so far and it is composed of various unique workout routines such as dumbbell swings, snatches and cleans.

These exercise routines are not commonly seen in typical dumbbell fitness guides. Aside from having unique exercises, another good thing about this program is its truly unique structure.

Coach Lomax provides three phases of training and it is consists of:

  • Grinding Slow Lift Supersets
  • Explosive Quick Lift Timed Circuits
  • Slow & Quick Peripheral Heart Action
  • Dumbbell Combo Matrixes

Each of these phases introduces you to more complicated exercises which will amaze your body to all new levels of fitness it will jump into. You will have to follow certain workout routines for 4 weeks before you move over to another set of exercises which will also be performed for 4 weeks.

So it will be 4 workouts and each of them should be performed for 4 weeks wherein the 3 phases will be completed for a total of 48 weeks.


These days, there are a lot of bodybuilding scams spreading over the internet like virus and it is difficult for you to know which among them is real. This 250-page eBook will show you the proper way to things. This guide is based on a scientific theory known as the “bilateral deficit” which will teach you on how to recruit more muscle and lift more weight by just using one limb.


Most of us do most of the common exercises with the use of dumbbells but only few people are aware that unilateral training is more efficient for fat burning as compared to the two-limb version of same exercises.


So, in order for you to understand more of what the dumbbell exercises has for you, then it is better to get the full benefit of the eBook. So why wait for any miracle to happen? Go grab some copy and start burning fats.


Click Here to Visit Superior Dumbbell Workout Website

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